Lithium Batteries

Pumping, Energizers & Farm equipment ??⚡️

France Battery offers a wide range of lithium batteries adapted to the following applications garden, life and farm uses.

Our LiFePO4 lithium batteries are particularly suitable forelectrification of pasture and farm fences.
They are Plug-&-Play, i.e. it directly replaces your old lead batteries (acid, gel, AGM…). Adapted for all seasons, it will double the autonomy of your fence and will bring a longevity up to 8 times higher for an extremely profitable investment!

France Battery also offers you batteries with a very long lifespan and perfectly compatible with solar energy to meet your various needs for pompage batteries :

  • Supplying the drinking water network,
  • Irrigation,
  • Water supply for house or livestock,
  • Filling of tanks or water towers,
  • Solar shower,
  • Supply a water network in caravans, cabins, cottages, etc.,
  • Suck water from the bottom of a tank or jerrycan,
  • Watering a lawn, a garden, an orchard,
  • Filling a tank,
  • Oxygenating a pool,
  • Filling a drinking trough,
  • Bringing up water from a well,
  • Emptying a cellar or the hold of a boat…

For your pumping needs you will find LifePO4 lithium batteries adapted to your power and autonomy constraints.

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Complex applications and/or specific installations? Prefer the telephone, we have specialized engineers for your agricultural applications.

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