Lithium batteries

Self-consumption & Access to energy ☀️ 

The more solar and wind energy there is, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to guarantee grid stability. Intermediate energy storage is therefore rapidly becoming an essential tool to keep energy fluctuations on the grid within reasonable limits. In addition, as feed-in tariffs decrease, the economic case for installing a domestic storage system to increase self-consumption is becoming stronger. Intermediate energy storage increases self-consumption of recovered solar and/or wind energy. The natural next step is to achieve 100% self-consumption and grid independence. 

France Battery’s solar-powered solutions are designed to connect even the smallest homes to the most demanding mini-grids. Our robust systems have proven to deliver power over and over again with unmatched reliability, making them a sound investment.

France Battery offers a wide range of LiFePO4 batteries adapted to your self-consumption projects; isolated sites, hunting shelters, residential or collective self-consumption…

Small homes in rural areas? ?
Access to energy and the Pay-As-You-Go system

France Battery’s solar DC home systems provide enough energy to power lights, cell phones and TVs. Typically powered by single or combined solar panel configurations, with a DC charge output and a storage battery. The system is protected by algorithms that extend the life of the battery.
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Our batteries will perfectly serve for all your projects in isolated sites, micro-grid, off-grid or multi-grid.

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