Lithium batteries

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Whether you’re going out for a short fishing trip or planning to sail across the ocean, you’ll need a reliable power system to get the most out of your adventure. But, at France Battery, we believe that having a reliable system is not enough. We believe in Optimal Energy. In our opinion, a boat must have a smart power system that adapts to the challenges you will face. With unparalleled reliability, effortlessly and at an affordable price. That’s what Optimum Energy is to us.

France Battery offers you a complete range of state-of-the-art products that can meet your expectations. Each of them can be adapted to your specific needs. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Small boats : Short trips of a few hours/days
  • Sailboats : Weekend trips and around the world
  • Motorboats : Weekends, vacations, fishing and nautical activities
  • Floating houses : life on board
  • Megayachts : Semi-permanent stay

How much energy should be stored?

You don’t want to run the motor all the time. That would scare the fish. The solution is to store the energy in a (service) battery, from which the inverter will convert the stored energy into 230 V. The battery can be charged with shore power and also with the alternator during the trip. If you plan trips that last several days, make sure your battery has enough capacity to take over for 48 hours, as a rule.

As a rule of thumb, the storage capacity of a lithium battery should be twice the daily power consumption.

Lightweight French IP66 batteries for your marine applications

France Battery offers a large choice of LiFePO4 lithium batteries adapted to all these needs, for leisure or professional use. Our batteries will perfectly serve all your auxiliary or propulsion equipment and will bring you a great satisfaction.


Every small boat relies on electrical equipment. Everything inside the boat will run on DC power, but you will need AC power to charge a phone or laptop. Anything electrical uses a certain amount of Watts. Adding Watts is only part of the problem. Duration is just as important. Maybe you have 100 Watts of lighting on board, but they are only on for a limited time. A small cooler would require 50 Watts, but it runs continuously.

Fully compatible with MINN KOTA engines


A modern sailboat is equipped with many electrical devices. Most of the appliances needed to operate the boat generally use DC power. However, larger appliances will require AC power. When it comes to estimating power consumption, some people think it’s as simple as adding up the Watts. But the amount of time you use it is also important. A microwave may use 1,000 Watts, but only for 2 minutes. A refrigerator uses barely 50 Watts, but it runs 24 hours a day.


A powerboat would not be completely complete without a lot of electrical equipment. Most of the equipment needed to operate the boat will typically use DC power. However, larger appliances will need AC power. How much more energy does this mean? Don’t just look at Watts. A microwave may use 1,000 watts, but only for 4 minutes. A refrigerator/freezer combo might use 100 Watts, but it runs 24 hours a day.


A luxury yacht is overflowing with electrical equipment. The equipment essential to navigation usually runs on DC power while the larger appliances will require AC power. In general, air conditioning is the biggest energy consumer. Washing machines, dryers, and desalination plants are also big energy consumers. Even larger yachts use all kinds of electronic devices, the most unimaginable ones, thus increasing the energy requirements even more.

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