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Batterie OlenBox Smart LMax series – 1665Wh

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Batterie lithium LFP-HP OlenBox LMax series

New 2023 range – 5 YEAR WARRANTY
Exists in 12V130Ah, 24V65Ah and 48V35Ah – 1665Wh
Bluetooth mobile application, Wifi cloud monitoring, active balancing and HEAT system

OlenBox systems are a range of modular LFP Plug-&-Play lithium batteries. The OlenBoxes are designed using OLENERGIES’ high performance LFP-HP chemistry cells offering the highest safety, power and lifetime of the market (4000 cycles).

These batteries also integrate intelligent electronic management boards (BMS) and numerous connectivity features.

The OlenBox battery replaces two lead-acid batteries of identical capacity.

The OlenBoxes are designed in France and combine all the know-how of French engineers in terms of design and innovation.